How to control stiltgrass

Asked July 22, 2016, 1:12 PM EDT

Stiltgrass took over a good portion of my yard last year. My lawn guy pulled a good amount of it with an attachment to his tractor but a lot of it returned this year. I hate to have the lawn guy use the tractor attachment again because it tore up a lot of grass as well. I've read that crabgrass killer can kill stiltgrass and I'd like your opinion on that. Since the stiltgrass grows over regular grass I don't want to use Roundup because I'd be killing the regular grass along with the stiltgrass. There's too much of it to pull by hand. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.

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We would suggest a pre-emergent weedkiller, such as that used to control crabgrass in late February to control stilt grass. vw

The lawn had two rounds of pre-emergent, one in March and one in late May, which worked really well on the crabgrass (we usually have a lot even with one application, this year we have hardly any with two) but had little or no effect on the stiltgrass.

Please let me know what I can spray on it to kill it but not kill the good grass which is under a lot of it.

There are post emergent herbicides labeled for stiltgrass, however, we do not have research on their effectiveness. Look at the link from Rutgers for post emergent control and herbicides.
See our link on stiltgrass. The most effective control are the pre emergent herbicides