Linden AFTER Japanesse Beetle

Asked July 22, 2016, 10:43 AM EDT

What is the best thing to do for my linden tree, that has been attacked and frankly almost defoliated top 1/3 by Japanese Beetles, Significantly eaten the middle section. We have been spraying every other day to stop any new beetles but what can I do to encourage the tree to survive? I've enclosed three photos. I saved this tree once before--when it was much smaller--now there are more untouched leaves. I look forward to your

Hennepin County Minnesota

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as long as tree is healthy (which it appears from picture), it should reflush and will survive. it is "weakened" by the summer defoliation, but with enough growth in spring/fall (when beetles not munching), it should be able to sustain itself.

Do you advise extra fertilizer?

According to Dr. Fraedrich

we're probably a little late in the season to worry with fertilization. Wait until dormant season (if at all).

"If a tree is defoliated, watering during dry

periods is recommended to aid the
refoliation process. Fertilization with a quick
release high nitrogen fertilizer will also help
encourage rapid refoliation and help
replenish nutrients lost due to defoliation.
Quick release fertilizers are not
recommended after mid-season
(approximately July 15) as this could
encourage excessively late growth, which
may not harden off in time for fall frosts.
With defoliation in mid to late season, fall
fertilization is recommended after the tree
has become dormant."