[About the Pleurotus ostreatus] Is it contaminated by mold? or mushroom mycelium? please help me.

Asked July 22, 2016, 6:50 AM EDT

Hello, respect expert.

I carried out the cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus tissue through the PDA (Potato dextrose agar),

before 3 days ago. ( from July 19 ~ July 22) and today I could find something change.

but I cannot know that was infected by white mold or growth mushroom mycelium.

after look my upload picture, please help me..

P.S) I am not English-speaker. sorry so much about my rough English. (I am S. Korean)

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The picture appears to show white mycelium of a fungus growing, and it does not look like another fungus in combination or as a contaminant. Pleurotus would grow white like what you see. I cannot tell without microscopic examination. Keep the lids of the petri dishes closed and wait a few days to see if it look like there are two organisms growing.

Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension,

Thank you so much expert. ^^

Actually I did this experiment for isolation of Pleurotus mycelium.

I could take the help from your comment in many part.

I will follow your teaching.