What kind of bug is this

Asked July 21, 2016, 9:58 PM EDT

We've found some of these bugs in our apartment, was wondering if anyone knew what they were

Champaign County Illinois

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The "bug" in your photo is a sowbug, also known as pillbug, roly-poly, or woodlouse. They are not insects, but rather terrestrial isopod crustaceans more closely related to crabs, shrimps and crayfish. They are scavengers feeding on dead plant material and rotten wood in moist areas of yards, gardens and woodlands. They need moisture and/or high humidity to survive, and are mostly active at night, remaining hidden during the day. With the recent dry weather we have been having this summer, their normal hiding places are probably drying out, and they are wandering seeking moist places. It is not uncommon for them to wander into houses and buildings, but the dry conditions indoors usually means they won't survive there and they will leave or die. These are completely harmless to humans and pets. I have included some links below to websites with more information about these creatures.