Quaking Aspen invasion

Asked July 21, 2016, 7:39 PM EDT

The neighbors planted a grove of Quaking Aspen along our property line because they like the leaves and the fall color. Their parcel and ours are ten acres, so this is not a city lot. Now those Aspen are sending runners or suckers into our landscape beds which are on our side of that property line. What can we do to stop the invasion?

Hood River County Oregon forestry aspen trees

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First, it would be best to reach an understanding with your neighbor about your concerns and about your desire to stop the aspen suckers from invading your property. There is a bit of a balancing act here - on the one hand, you have the right to control parts of trees that are invading your property from another property; on the other hand, you are not supposed to cause injury to their tree.

It is challenging to stop aspen root suckers, even more so if you are not allowed to kill or remove the parent tree. A few options to consider:
You can sever the roots entering your property and then either physically remove the roots and suckers or cut the suckers and treat the cut surfaces with an appropriate herbicide that will injure or kill the roots, (the roots must be completely disconnected from the parent tree to avoid injury to the parent tree). Repeated treatments will likely be needed.

You could also then dig a trench and make a barrier to limit new roots from growing into your property. I believe there are some special materials used for this purpose.

Caution: I am not giving legal advice, but it is my understanding that If the trees are on your neighbor's property, you need to be careful not to injure or kill the parent trees (assuming the neighbor wishes to keep the trees). So in the case of severing the roots where they enter your property, there could be potential for injury to the neighbor's trees if you are taking out a large portion of the trees total root system.