Landscaping a Sand Mound

Asked July 21, 2016, 4:09 PM EDT

Should care be taken to try and avoid excessive traffic(foot or mower) on a sand mound? And, would it be beneficial to landscape the area with wildflowers or grasses such as little bluestem? Thank you.

Centre County Pennsylvania

1 Response

You want to avoid excess weight on a sand mound like heavy vehicles, but it can handle occasional foot traffic. You don't want to crush the pipes or compact the soil and sand there. There is a diagram of a sand mound (a modified septic drainfield) in the first link below.

Shallow rooted plants like grasses are the best to plant across a sand mound, but you could include some wildflowers. The end of the second publication below has some ideas for plantings. If your sand mound has surface cleanouts make sure they can be accessed. You don't want to add extra water to your sand mound, so don't use plants that will need to be watered to survive there.