Woodland grass or sedge

Asked July 21, 2016, 11:45 AM EDT

Our Park Rapids, MN property has a woods mostly of poplar and red and white pine. Twenty years ago it had an under brush, which I believe was mostly hazel, which was so dense we could not see the neighbor's house in the summer and if I threw a stick into the woods it would never touch the ground. For some reason, the under brush has died and has been replaced by a 6-10 inch grass which is a lighter green than the lawn grass. From a distance it looks like a dense carpet, but on closer inspection it appears to be in clumps or clusters. This grass will spread beyond the woods but seems to prefer shade. My guess is that it is Pennsylvania sedge but appears more "grass-like" and not as coarse as the photos I see on line or in Dr. Mary Meyer's book. Can you identify this grass from my description or do I need to bring a photo or specimen to your office? Thank you, John Fredell

Hubbard County Minnesota

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Sedge have an edge to the blade. The blades are triangular. Please see the fun little fact sheet on how to tell a grass from a sedge.