I am a property owner in Hocking County, near Ash Cave. I am...

Asked July 21, 2016, 11:39 AM EDT

I am a property owner in Hocking County, near Ash Cave. I am concerned/interested about the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid possibly infesting the Hemlocks on my 30 acre property and nearby parklands. What can I, as a landowner do to protect my Hemlocks? Is the state doing anything to protect the local parkland Hemlocks from HWA? Please advise. Thank You. Michael Koumas

Hocking County Ohio

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The best approach at this time is to be vigilant and inspect your trees for woolly adelgid (HWA). This is best done from November through May when the woolly masses are most visible, but it is good to keep an eye out whenever you are in your hemlock woods. Early detection is key to management of this pest. If you find anything that looks like HWA please report it to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, ODNR Forestry or give me a call and I can arrange a site visit. (740) 710-3009 or apsley.1@osu.edu.

Here is a link to the ODNR site on HWA. this site has lots of good information about the status of HWA, how to look for HWA, how to report it, and what is currently being done. http://ohiodnr.gov/hwa

Here is a link to a free OSU Bulletin on HWA which has much of the same information. A hard copy of the publication is available at the Hocking County Extension Office and the Hocking County SWCD office on the fairgrounds in Logan. http://u.osu.edu/apsley.1/2014/10/30/new-publication-on-hemlock-woolly-adelgid-available-for-free-at...

A local group representing a large number of organizations and agencies is working collaboratively to address HWA in the Hocking Hills http://www.hockinghillsconservationassociation.com/

The ODNR is actively working with partners to inventory hemlocks and survey for HWA. This allows for early detection and will give resource managers valuable information to develop a strategy to manage the pest in the future. The area that has been found to be positive for HWA in the Hocking Hills (Cantwell Cliffs) was treated and is being closely monitored.