Yellowing leaves on Meyer Lemon plant outside on our deck

Asked July 20, 2016, 6:45 PM EDT

This is the first year that the Meyer Lemon plant I bought about 5-6 years ago Has any fruit that is growing. It was about 6 inches in size when I bought It here in Maryland. I keep it indoors in winter and outside in summer and warm temperatures. It has grown tremendously, is now 30 inches tall. It is in a 15 inch diameter pot and I think it maybe too small And needs to be repotted. The yellowing started about 3 weeks ago. I water it frequently but use little fertiliser. I gave taken photos so you can see what it looks like. It is my pride and joy and have persisted with it! I am interested in what you suggest. Also besides reporting is there anything else to do? Thank you

Baltimore County Maryland

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Lemons are heavy feeders. Find some citrus fertilizer and follow directions on the label. Repot your lemon. With the appropriate fertilizer and new soil, the yellowing should diminish. vw