Animal digging tunnels in yard

Asked July 20, 2016, 4:01 PM EDT

I have an animal that is digging holes and tunnels in my yard, I have seen chipmunks around and also voles I believe, the holes are getting bigger, about the size of my fist now. I have tried poison worms and these smoke sticks and they are not working. Can you tell me what you think makes these holes and how to get rid of them? Do I need to set larger traps? I have 2 dogs so hate using poison. The holes in these pictures are about 3-4 feet from each other.

Fayette County Kentucky

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I cannot determine what type of animal is digging the holes from your photos. Although my knowledge of nuisance wildlife is limited I am happy to discuss it in detail to see if we can get any clues from additional information you can provide. It may involve some stabbing in the dark but I hope we can narrow the field with some dialogue. Our office number is 859-257-5582. Thanks.