flower leaf problems

Asked July 20, 2016, 3:25 PM EDT

1. Hollyhock leaves are full of yellow bumps and the leaves are drying up. The blooms are there but only a few are opening. I have had holly hocks for many years and never this situation. I always cut them down in the fall and take that to the landfill. 2. My large/huge leaf lime-collored hosta leaves are turning brown and drying up on the edges. They are blooming. We have had a lot of rain all spring and summer.

Cottonwood County Minnesota

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The hollyhock problem is probably hollyhock rust:

Hollyhock rust is a tough disease to control. Besides sanitation, you may also have to begin a fungicide regimen.

My guess with the hosta leaves is leaf scorch or sunscald, which usually manifests as browning on the leaf margins. Some varieties are more susceptible than others: