Help Needed to Identify this insect

Asked July 19, 2016, 3:48 PM EDT

Found these in a wood cabinet that has been in the house for 7 years now. No pest control companies can agree on what this insect is. It was found in a cabinet that had glassware no food. Have treated multiple times and also collected some in plastic baggies and they remain alive and active. Have now removed cabinet from wall and want to treat but need to know what it is in order to know how to treat. Have been told they are termites, powder post beetle, warehouse beetle. We have found white powder and saw dust like material in the cabinet.

Maricopa County Arizona integrated pest management pest identification

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I can't really tell what the larvae is in the photo. It appears to be some type of beetle, but I can't be sure which kind. Here is a link to information on common wood-boring beetles and management: