Safety of Sevin Dust

Asked July 19, 2016, 2:03 PM EDT

I need to know if this pesticide Sevin Dust is a safe product to use in garden for pests and whether or not it is poisonous. I was reading about this stuff on a website and read that it is poison not just for insects but humans as well. They claim the Sevin dust is consumed via the leaf of the plant, the produce of the plant and that it gets in the water system after rain and or watering the garden. I been using this stuff for years due to my father using it when i was a kid. I hope it hadn't affected my health in any way. If Sevin Dust is bad for humans, why would they allow the stores to sell it? I learn that the technical name for it is Carbaryl and that it was first manufactured during the 50s by some plant which sold out. I noticed that it seemed to have damaged my tomato and squash plants as well for some reason or another. Don't know whether to blame the Sevin dust, drought or too much rain lately. My squash plants are just rolling over and dying for some reason. I have always put Sevin dust on them in the past, especially at the bottom of plant where the squash bugs are at. I haven't seen any squash bugs by the way, not yet. The tomato plants seems to be dying as well. I guess I will wash the dust off of them. I didn't put that much on them, just sprinkled it as always. i hope you can provide me with good information on this Sevin Dust. i think I will stop using pesticides in the future. I also read on the internet that self-rising flour is good for fighting pests. So is garlic/red pepper spray. Guess I will try and see. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

Hardin County Kentucky

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Hello. Thank you for your question. I have included a link to an educational publication. Please review its information. I am also including the Hardin County Extension Office contact information in case you need additional information.

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