Cucumber vine collaspe

Asked July 19, 2016, 1:50 PM EDT

I had 2 cucumber plants collapse last night and have had to pull a number of curbits already. I had tied these up last night and they were fine. This morning the leaves are all wilted and I suppose I'll have to pull them soon. They have no yellow or brown spots on the leaves and it looks like it started at the bottom but since the entire plant is wilted it is hard to tell. I dusted them last week with Permethrin even though I try not to use chemicals. I have had a lot of Japanese Beetles but have also seen cucumber Beetles and squash bugs in the garden. I had tomatoes and peppers in this bed last year. What more can I do to reduce my losses and do you think it is bacterial wilt?

Beaver County Pennsylvania

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There is a bacterial wilt of cucumber and other cucurbits. Here is a link to a fact sheet describing this disease. The disease is spread by the cucumber beetle. I recommend you take samples of the plant to your local Penn State Extension and have them sent to the plant clinic for analysis and a treatment plan. Here is a link to their website. That way you can be sure of what you've got. Since the cucumber beetle spreads the disease, it will affect all nearby cucurbits.