Tree Beetles

Asked July 18, 2016, 3:44 PM EDT

I have many mature trees on my property and had one sequoia redwood cut down because it died. The tree cutter told us there were beetles in the bark and that's probably why it died. We have several more trees and they show holes along the sides going up them. I am very concerned that this is caused by beetles too. I don' know who to call to get info about what to do to correct this before these other trees start to show signs they are dying too. There are visual signs that look like beetles have made holes in the bark. Your help will be appreciated. Sincerely, Cindy Parent 503.297.6489 9240 NW Leahy Rd. Portland, OR 97229

Washington County Oregon

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Sorry to hear you had to have one of those majestic trees cut down.

You probably need a Certified Arborist to come out and make a physical inspection of the trees for you. Visit for a list of Certified Arborists near you.