Pre-emergent herbicide for chickweed and poa annua

Asked July 17, 2016, 5:27 PM EDT

I had a couple of cool-season weeds that almost took over my back yard this past year -- the worst were poa annua and chickweed. It was totally beyond anything that I could control by hand-pulling and the poa annua probably dropped about 10 million seeds that are just waiting to germinate and sprout up into even more weeds when the weather gets cooler again. Since I can't seem to win by hand-pulling, I'm throwing in the "organic towel" and think that I'll have to resort to pre-emergent herbicides. Can you recommend a pre-emergent that would be effective for these two weeds in particular, and also what is your best advice on when to apply? Thank you very much for any advice you can provide.

p.s. -- I've also tried to research corn gluten meal as a pre-emergent, but everything I've found is very confusing and sounds like it's a complete crap shoot on whether it works or not. If there's a kinder/gentler way to stave off the chickweek/poa annua, I'd be interested in any thoughts on that as well.

Fort Bend County Texas

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I like the reference "organic towel"! Considering this frustration, pre-emergent herbicides are some of the safest products out there. These weeds you mention are cool season weeds. They might not show up until late winter, but they germinate in late fall. So a late summer/early fall application is necessary. Following the product label of course, try to apply the first application in late August and again in late September, if product label will allow. Most brands carry a suitable pre-emergent granule. My best advice is to visit a reputable independent nursery or garden supply. In Fort Bend, try Enchanted Nurseries or Caldwell's. In Houston, try Southwest Fertilizer. They have knowledgeable staff that can guide you through the product usage.

Best of luck. Good day,