What moth is this?

Asked July 17, 2016, 3:23 PM EDT

This moth was on the inside of my garage door. Just curious what species it is. It was about an inch and a half long from nose to wingtip. The large size is what drew my attention. The colors were rather drab. Sorry the photo quality isn't better. Thank you.


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Thank you for the image and question. That looks to be a moth in the Catocala group. They are also known as "Underwing" moths. Despite the drab exterior, many of the moths have colorful hindwings, or "underwings". Those moths also tend to be medium to medium-large in size, though some moth groups are even larger (such as sphinx moths and silk moths).

There are about 102 different species of moths under the Catocala group. It's hard to identify your moth in the picture, partly because of the lighting, and partly due to the image size. Sometimes it helps to get a picture using artificial flash, to help bring out the pattern details. Often, the pattern will really stand out with flash.

Below is a link to the advanced search engine on the BugGuide.com site. If you put "underwing" in the Phrase in Description box, select Minnesota, and hit Go, one of the moths shown will likely be your moth.

Sorry that we can't identify your moth, but hopefully this information has been helpful to you!