Cicada effect on gladiolus 2016 season

Asked July 17, 2016, 12:43 PM EDT

My glands are usually the most beautiful, up to seven foot tall with beautiful blooms, but this year the buds are brown on the ends and when the flowers bloom, the blooms are very brown. Also, some are not even blooming, just turning brown. I have researched diseases to Gladys, and nothing seems to match the condition of my glads. The only usual occurrence has been the cicadas of 2016, could this be the problem and will my corms recover next year? Thank you for your help. Cynthia Rath

Fayette County Pennsylvania

2 Responses

Cynthia, I suspect that flower thrips are the issue. Their feeding causes buds to turn brown and for dark colored flowers to have white streaks in them. The product Jack's Dead Bug Brew contains a spinosyn insecticide that should control them. Please see these websites :

Thomas, thank you will give jacks a try.