Roots comming up out of the ground of my cottonwood tree

Asked July 16, 2016, 5:36 PM EDT

I worry about the roots comming out of the ground on my cottonwood tree we have about 4 showing so far and this year I have leaves falling in june

Kaufman County Texas

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Good Morning,

I would need more information about your tree and its growing situation to make a better analysis.

Exposed roots are caused by many factors:
- erosion, wind or water is removing soil
- ground has a shallow hard-pan or high water table, or is severely compacted
- drainage situation for the tree has changed. More water is moving into the soil and the subsequent root growth is becoming more and more shallow.

I also need to know how old the tree is and if it has any other health issues.

Do consider calling your local extension office as well. Your county agents are available at:

Please write back. Pictures are great if you can upload them.

Many thanks,