Plant Propagation through cuttings

Asked July 16, 2016, 5:19 PM EDT

Hi I would like to have a large number (30-50) native plants to plant along my fence line. I have lots of native plants already. Ocean Spray, Indian Plum, Salmonberry, Salal, Oregon Grape (dull), and many more. I would like to take cutting from my plants to make the needed plants. Can you give me simple step by step directions or direct me to a resource that would help with this? I'd also be interested in taking a class on how to do it.

Yamhill County Oregon

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You might start in your home county with this -

I also used the search phrase “how to propagate northwest native plants site:edu” --- but without the quote marks – and found numerous reliable links. Here’s a selection:

- Plant Propagation Protocols

- Cutting Propagation Methods of PNW Native Trees and Shrubs

This publication may also prove useful: Gardening with Oregon native plants -

And this website is filled with tips, tricks, and background information; uses the links at the left:

Enjoy your project!

You might contact the Yamhill County Extensive Service office if they either offer classes or know of others nearby.

Contact information is here -