Two different evergreen branches one tree trunk?

Asked July 16, 2016, 2:58 PM EDT

I thought I had a volunteer evergreen growing under this large evergreen shrub. WRONG. This branch was attached to the trunk of another tree! Huh? One tree growing two different branches? Help me understand this... I have two more bushes that have the same thing!


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I am not sure I fully understand the question, but going to answer by making a couple of assumptions. The first attached picture appears to be a dwarf Alberta spruce (at least that is how I am identifying it based on the close-up of the needles in the lower left hand corner. And I am assuming the other picture is of the branch you pruned out of the dwarf Alberta spruce.

It appears that a section of the dwarf Alberta spruce is reverting back to its original parentage. Check out the following websites to see if the description and pictures match what you have:

You hit the nail on the head! Thank you, thought I was going crazy. I will probably leave one of the branches on one of the 3 trees that have this just for a conversation piece.