Is it rhubarb or like rhubarb?

Asked July 16, 2016, 12:46 PM EDT

This plant was growing in our landscape when we moved in in Germantown, MD. I dug it up and moved it and saw it had potato/tuber like roots. My wife thought that because of this and it's reddish stalks that it was rhubard. Looking at pictures it looks like the leaves and growth style is wrong to be rhubarb. It's been growing very well since I moved it. It's also developing little white bud clusters on the ends. Any idea what it may be?

Montgomery County Maryland

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This is not rhubarb but a common local weed called pokeweed. It's drooping purple berries in the fall are loved by birds and wildlife, which freely move it around via their scat.
We'd remove it. It's a perennial and that root gets thicker each year.