Fumigate antique wood to arrest wood borers

Asked July 16, 2016, 2:39 AM EDT

I have a set of four doors for a Fisher bodied Buick from 1931, structurally framed in hardwood. I had planned to use the doors as is, without rewooding, but the wood is more deteriorated than I thought, in some places. I think some of it is still sound enough to resurrect and use but I'd like to fumigate it before I repair and reuse it to kill any ongoing bug activity. Is there a consumer level product that I can do that with?

Douglas County Oregon

1 Response

I'm not sure about chemicals that you would use for fumigation, or even what the application method would be for a homeowner; but perhaps that's something you've figured out already? However, I am aware of some borate-based compounds such as Penashield (see http://nisuscorp.com/builders/products/penashield) that you can apply with a brush or sprayer.

Beyond that you might try contacting a local pest control company to see what they offer.