Starting to grow turf grass in shady area

Asked July 14, 2016, 4:12 PM EDT

Hi, I am trying to grow some turf grass in an area that is heavily shaded by some large oak trees. The soil is relatively dense because the kids play on it. I was told from a contractor, that I should plant sod which would be a fescue and then over seed it with a shade tolerant species. By another person, I was also told that I could just plant some shade tolerant specie seeds directly in the soil. I would like to know what would be the best way to establish grass in this shady area. Thanks for your help, Ian

Baltimore County Maryland

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Putting down sod is more expensive, but will give you ground cover faster than if you put down seed. It would be a good idea to scratch up the surface and aerate before planting. The soil will need to have some moisture for the aerating to be effective. You will need to keep the kids off the sod until it is established. Tall fescue is the best grass for shade if there is foot traffic. If there is no foot traffic, fine fescue is the best type of grass. One possibility would be to simply mulch the area. vw