Milkweed seeds

Asked July 14, 2016, 3:22 PM EDT

This page was suggested to ask a gardening question (I am not able to access the site). I ordered (local) Common Milkweed seeds to lure Monarchs to my garden. The seeds came with a "bonus" of Gomphocarpas Physocarpus Balloon Plant Milkweed seeds. I can't find any information that these are okay to be planted here in Delaware. I'm leary of planting them for fear of hurting what we already have. Please advise! Thanks so much, in advance. :D

New Castle County Delaware

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Gomphocarpas Physocarpus (Balloon Plant Milkweed) is a native of Southeast Africa and grown as a perennial in zones 8-10. It grows as an annual here. Blooms in July and August. It is classified as invasive in southern climates. The Common Milkweed that your have acquired is more likely to attract Monarchs as it is a native plant.