Curly pondweed on farm pond

Asked July 14, 2016, 3:02 PM EDT

Hello. I have an excessive amount of what I think is curly pondweed on my farm pond this summer. I'm not aware of any extra nutrient inputs to the pond. This pond supports a healthy fish population and I'm concerned the pondweed may threaten the health of the pond. Can you suggest any reasons why there may be an abundance of curly pondweed this year? Also, is there any management actions or controls that I can implement that won't harm the native plants and wildlife in the pond? Thank you.

Bedford County Pennsylvania

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Yes, that is curly-leaf pondweed. It is an invasive species. is a fact sheet on managing curly-leaf pondweed. you may wish to do a combination of herbicides and nutrient management to try to manage, or better, eliminate this from your pond. Grass carp are another management option for this plant. Drtails are all in the fact sheet. if you do use herbicides, treat about 1/3 of teh pond at a time to avoid depleting the oxygen and killing your fish. If you have a standing Canada goose population, they are a huge part of your nutrient problem. Try to discourage them. Pond buffers help, and you may have to look into more active management for the geese.
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