Insect Identification - Beetle

Asked July 14, 2016, 2:32 PM EDT

I found a longhorned beetle in the back of my UD truck today. We had just been doing a project down near Massey's Pond in Smyrna. Can you identify the beetle from my photo? If not, I have it in a specimen jar and I could bring it by for an ID.

New Castle County Delaware

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I cannot quite make out all of the image for ID. It would probably be easier if you brought it by the office (I will be out most of day tomorrow).


Hi Brian, Where is your office? Are you at the Newark campus or Georgetown? I've also attached another, hopefully better, image of the critter. Thanks, Dave

I am in 248 Townsend; however, if I am not in (today in Frederick until this afternoon) then dropping off sample in 250 Townsend (department office) is ok, just let them know you talked with me previously otherwise they will send you to the extension office on Wyoming Road.

I left the beetle in a jar in your Townsend Hall mailbox.


Okay, thanks. I saw it there last night. I conferred with a colleague and we thought it may be Dectes stem borer. This is an insect that attacks soybean and other wild hosts.