Cicada Killer wasps

Asked July 14, 2016, 1:37 PM EDT

How should I deal with about 2 dozen cicada killer wasps located in a public garden heavily visited by families with young children? My management team called in an exterminator and that reduce the population. He squirted a liquid poison into their ground holes. Today there were fewer wasps, but we still feel hesitant to open the garden to the public. We understand they are not normally aggressive unless threatened. The site is the Enchanted Garden at the Miller Branch Library.

Howard County Maryland

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Your exterminator has done all that can be done. We suggest printing up informational signs saying "enter at your own risk although the risk is quite low if you do not try to handle the cicada killers", providing information about cicada killers and possibly listing the call number of books, including children's books about ground dwelling wasps. vw