Best grass for shady areas

Asked July 14, 2016, 10:24 AM EDT

I am trying to find a dress that will grow well in the shade. I have an area about 10 foot wide all the way around my backyard that is in the shade do to Red Tip Photenia We like the probably see that the rib tips provide but we cannot get grass to grow underneath them. I appreciate your advice and help.

Denton County Texas

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We don't have a turfgrass that will grow in dense shade, unfortunately.

You might get St Augustine to grow if you thinned out your trees. However, I feel that trees are more valuable than lawn. Also, zoysia can tolerate some shade. Bermuda absolutely does not like shade. Fescue will grow in the shade, but it is a bunch grass more than a spreading turf grass. It is also a cool season grass so it will go dormant in the summer, but it does remain green. It takes quite a bit of water as well to keep it alive in the summer.

Here is a good resource for learning more about grass choices:

If you are not going to be using the area in your backyard for running around on or such, you might consider switching to a groundcover instead. We have a lot of groundcovers that do excellent in the shade and will remain green all year. They also don't need to be mowed! Some choices are Asian jasmine, liriope, purpleleaf eunonymous, ajuga, English ivy, mondo grass, and vinca vine, but there are others. A mix of hardscape (like decks/patios/walking paths) and groundcover, along with other flower beds, can create a green and usable outdoor space. But, I know that look is not for everyone.

Let me know if I can assist you further.