What is this bug?

Asked July 14, 2016, 12:18 AM EDT

I found a dozen of them on my bathroom ceiling massive more. Should I be worried?

Erie County New York

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Hello, I can't really tell what they are from these pictures. You can bring samples to any Cornell Cooperative Extension office, in Erie County you can get the directions and hours here: http://erie.cce.cornell.edu/

Someone will be able to look under a microscope and let you know what they are.

My best guess from the images is that they might be drugstore beetles or a similar type of stored grain/stored product beetle. They are common indoors, they get into grains or cereals, even dog food. They are not dangerous, but you don't want them infesting other things. The solution is to find where they are feeding and breeding and get rid of that stuff. I once had them in a jar of cayenne pepper. Again I am not certain that these are drugstore beetles. If you've concerned enough, have someone identify them in person.
I hope this information helps you!