Ace pepper plant leaf holes (Zone 7A)

Asked July 13, 2016, 6:17 PM EDT

I am a novice planter & transplanted Ace pepper into our garden bed (after starting it from seed indoor). However, i saw its leaves having being eaten (i spotted it a couple weeks ago) & tried to cover it up with a mesh net. The plant has outgrown the mesh and i do not know if what to do or what bug is causing it. Do you have any suggestions about it?
Thank you.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Based on;your photos we cannot say for sure what is causing the holes. It may be a caterpillar or beetle and some can feed at night which is why you are not seeing them. Go out at night and look with a flashlight. You may be able to handpick the critter. It is also possible the damage is done.
Monitor the plants and keep them well watered and fertilized. Depending upon the critter and damage, you may be able to erect the mesh or row cover over the plants using stakes.