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Asked July 13, 2016, 2:44 PM EDT

Good day, I have the typical Minneapolis backyard and am looking for a shade tree that I would best describe as a "big snowball on a stick." Here are my restrictions: 1) Would be under a power line, so should be only about 15 - 20' tall 2) A sidewalk runs within 4' of the base so the lowest branches need to have about 6' clearance 3) Sun / partial shade 4) disease resistant and fairly low maintenance So far on my list I have Robin Hill Serviceberry, Showy Mountain Ash, Summertime Amur Maackia, Leonard Messel Magnolia and a Japanese (Syringa) lilac but each one has it's own issues. Any suggestions for a good fit? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Pat E Minneapolis

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Amur Maackia will grow more than 15 feet some sites say it can reach 40 ft.. So not a good choice for a boulevard. Japanese lilac suckers and is over planted. . Magnolias require full sun. Service berry are fairly tough, attractive, provide food for birds, berries are tasty and the flowers are pretty. Showy Mt Ash are pretty but not particularly tough but the ones planted by the city appear to be surviving. They grow fast. Service berry and Showy Mt. Ash would be my two finalists.