Tomato plants

Asked July 13, 2016, 1:57 PM EDT

Our plants have withered, curly-looking leaves. They are growing and have flowers on them, some small tomatoes but the plants look weird. This has never happened before and we are not sure why. We put eggshells around the plants early on and also had some cow manure spread on the garden. A couple of our pepper plants have the same sort of withered, curly-looking leaves. Any ideas why? I could try to email pictures from my iphone, although they are quite as telling as I think they should be.

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Leaf curling/stunting may be caused by aphids,
water and heat stress,
herbicide drift, and possible herbicide contaminated compost. You mentioned that you added compost but not the source. See our link on herbicide contaminated compost You can send digital photos to this reply.

The compost came from Black Angus cows that are raised in a pasture next to our property, so it traveled less than a half mile. My pictures show the plants but not clearly. Thank you for your response - I think I will go with the manure as being the reason for the small, curly, wilted-looking leaves.