Honey Crisp leaf curl

Asked July 11, 2016, 8:13 PM EDT

I have a dwaft honey crisp apple tree that is 3 years old and each year its leafs around this time begin to curl and turn brown. I have sprayed the tree 3 times this year already with Bonide Fruit tree spray. Do you have any thought on what I should do?

Washington County Minnesota

3 Responses

Your tree is three years old and you are spraying it with Bonide? Do you have apples on the tree - even dwarfs take 3-5 years to become mature enough to produce fruit. If not, you should not be spraying.

Several things can cause leaf curling and discoloration. Aphids would be one guess - you didn't send me a photo of the underside of the leaf. Abiotic factors could cause it (too wet, too dry, herbicide damage, even insecticide spray). Various insects can cause leaf curling. Check this website:

The tree is about 12' tall and has been bearing fruit for 2 years and that is why I am spraying it. There are no Aphids on the underside of the leaf. As you can see the leafs are turning a lighter green and there are spots on the leafs. It is in grass area that has a sprinkler system.

Any further thoughts?