Can a Utah Town form a conservation land trust?

Asked July 11, 2016, 3:03 PM EDT

Hello, I am from Brian Head Utah, The town is struggling with how best to protect the remaining 35% of Town meadow that runs adjacent to Hwy 143. There is significant resistance to handing the land to a 3rd party, and if the Town retains the land without any changes it is not permanently protected. I was wondering, after reading an Extension publication if we could do the following. 1. Form a 501c3 Conservation Land Trust 2. Transfer the development rights for targeted town property to the trust via an Easement. Does this sound feasible?

Iron County Utah community planning and zoning community development

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I am happy to hear that you are interested in conserving the town meadow. It really is an important habitat, even at its much-reduced size. I am not a lawyer and don't really know HOW to go about doing these things, but Yes, you can form a 501c3 land trust and transfer the development rights to this land trust. I would contact a real estate lawyer to determine what the details would be.

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