Self Watering Planters

Asked July 11, 2016, 1:32 PM EDT

I'm designing a self-watering planter, and I have a question about wicks. The planters is round with a diameter of 18 inches and a depth of 9 inches, and the reservoir below it is about the same, 18 inch diameter and 9 inches deep. I would like to know how many wicks I should use, what material and size they should be, and how they should be situated in the planter (like do they extend high up into the soil or rest at the bottom of the planter)?

Cook County Illinois

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I've not actually tried to build one of these myself, so I don't have practical, hands-on recommendations to give.

I'd suggest downloading this publication from the University of Illinois on "Creating Bucket Planters": . Although they are using 5-gallon buckets, you can adapt the concepts to the size planters you are making.