Maple Tree Leaves

Asked July 11, 2016, 12:16 PM EDT

Hi, I have a maple tree that I planted about 5 years ago. This year the ends of the tree branches have small leaves with brown edges. Many of the other leaves seem to be losing the green color and getting yellowish. There are also brown spots on the leaves. What should I do? It gets full sun and has a flower garden underneath. I water when I see the flowers wilting a little.

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We see tar spot, a disease of maples that you do not need to worry about. We see feeding damage. You might want to look for caterpillars. You say that the ends of the branches have small leaves. This could indicate a significant problem, perhaps a root problem. Do you dig under it, disrupting the roots? Do you fertilize? Fertilization without sufficient soil moisture leads to problems. It would be helpful to have more photos, perhaps one of the whole tree. Is there significant new growth? Check these links for other possible problems. vw