Poplar Suckering

Asked July 11, 2016, 11:03 AM EDT

I had a large white poplar removed from my front yard last fall (fall 2015). At the time, I also had the stump ground down, I assume to 6-8 inches deep. It is suckering profusely over a large area. Initially, I hand pulled the suckers. They actually pulled up with a small amount of root material, as the roots underground are softening. Pulling up these suckers seems to make the roots send up suckers even more profusely. It is a battle that I am clearly losing. Please advise me on my next steps! Margie Jones 651.351.1783 margiezjones@gmail.com

Washington County Minnesota

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Poplars sucker a lot when they are cut down. One can expect it to sucker for several years, the first year after the tree is removed it sends up the most suckers. They can be ignored or cut off. One can use "stump out", a product that can be purchased at garden centers. It will kill the stump and the suckers. The ones in the lawn can be cut off with a lawn mower. The bigger ones can be treated with Roundup or dug out. The number of suckers will go down over time.