portion of 6-row Barley patch going off

Asked July 10, 2016, 5:50 PM EDT

Just a home-experimenter here. Thanks for the education service.

I believe grains can be sown and prosper (disked) within a pasture. That aside, I will cut corners when I can. This Barley experiment used food-grade, broadcast, not drilled. A patch to putter, not mainstay crop. It was a curiosity if would be 2-row or 6-row variety.

So my grain is stressed but it is also a competitive species. I'd say 9/10 of it is superb as per middle jpg.

A small portion has stalk streaking, dark maroon or purple, with some kernel hull discoloration. The worst plants hold their plume very tight rather than plump. I hope the pictures convey. The foreground of one of the messed up ones shows the narrowness of the grain set. In the other there is the only one or two stalks topped by fungi +/- Please let us know what you suspect.

further notes: I will not re-seed with the affected grains and will burn the duds. Other being resistant will be Generation 2. Plot is on the green side at Latitude 47


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I am not sure of your question or your objective in this experiment.
Can you elaborate?