New pests in house

Asked July 10, 2016, 1:18 AM EDT

Hi, i discover this small bugs in my kitchen. First i saw them on table, i try to kill them, when i understand that it actually on top floor. They have wings but no fly and just falling on surfaces. Please help me to identify, it scares me (

Kings County New York

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I am an entomologist at Cornell University. I have to admit, these beetles did not look familiar to me so I asked a few other entomologists. They say that these are a type of seed-feeding beetles called Bruchine beetles. They are most likely coming from some dry beans you have in the house. They are not dangerous to you, they do not bite. They are a stored food pest and the only thing you need to do is look for the source. Look through cabinets and any place where dry good foods are kept and you should be able to find their source. Just throw away the infested stuff, clean up and everything should be fine.
I hope this information is helpful!