Stunted zucchini

Asked July 9, 2016, 9:01 PM EDT

We have very vigorous growth of the leaves and the zucchini fruit. However, the zucchini stop growing at about three inches. They don't start rotting till much later, so I assume it's not ber. I don't think watering is an issue either as the rest of our garden it doing well. The only other thing that I might add is we appear to have minimal pollinators. Any suggestions as to what is happening would be greatly appreciated.

Stearns County Minnesota zucchini problem horticulture

1 Response

Have you checked the tag on your plants? Perhaps you purchased a bush type zucchini. If so it may just bush out from that height. Otherwise I really have no explanation for you as long as they soil is healthy. Zucchini like soil with a good amount of organic material (compost), sun and water. Lack of pollinators is caused by lack of blooms. Perhaps dig in some balanced garden fertilizer (like 10-10-10) and continue to water.