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Asked July 9, 2016, 8:08 PM EDT

I recently purchased a 60watt radient (ceramic heater) for my tank to replace the infared bulb as per a conversation with my vet. Now I observe the tank is becoming 90 degrees maybe more on one end and am concerned this is inappropriate for my corn snake. I turn off the heater everytime it goes up past 85 and feel am driving my snake crazy. What can I do is, this a correct temperature? should I go back to infared since Chuckles was doing so sell with that? Thanks so much for your help Stefi

Essex County New Jersey

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Thank you for your question. You probably don't want to exceed 85 degrees as a maximum temperature. However, you didn't mention how big your enclosure is. If you have a large aquarium, for example, it may be over 85 at one end, but cooler at the other, and your snake can adjust its location in the tank to the temperature it prefers. I have listed two links below, one for corn snake care and another to an article on reptile cage heating options. that you may find useful.

You didn't mention why your vet recommended switching to a ceramic heater from the infrared bulb. You can get a lower wattageceramic heater. They are available in 40 watts, which should result in a lower maximum temperature. Radiant heat panels are also an option, and have the advantage that they don't get hot like the ceramic heaters. You may also investigate using a thermostat to better control the temperature.

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