What is this plant?

Asked July 9, 2016, 10:25 AM EDT

This shrub is roughly 8 ft tall and 6ft wide currently. The pic I've taken is in July. It's getting overgrown so I'd like to prune but don't want to prune too early of it will flower later in the summer. Thanks!

Suffolk County Massachusetts plant identification horticulture

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The leaves are in whorls of three on the branch, so this may be the native buttonbush, Cephalanthus occidentalis. Send in another photo showing the whole bush; maybe we can confirm what it is. Once it blooms, which should be soon, you'll know for sure what it is.
Here is an information page from the USDA National Resources Conservation Service. https://plants.usda.gov/plantguide/pdf/pg_ceoc2.pdf
You can also do an image search online to see if it seems to match your plant.