Trouble with 7 year old Meyer Lemon Tree part 2

Asked July 8, 2016, 8:08 PM EDT

I submitted my question about my Lemon tree prior to this email and realized I forgot to mention a couple of things. I am also hoping that the OSU extension office could put me in touch with somebody who is knowledgeable about re-potting and/or root pruning a lemon tree.

Lincoln County Oregon

1 Response

For the first question, it looks like a nutritional deficiency. The first website article attached is about nutritional deficiencies, particularly nitrogen, magnesium and manganese.

For your question about root pruning and repotting, the second web article will apply. You repot if you want the tree to grow larger, and you prune the roots by no more than 25% if you want to keep the tree the same size.