New vine in yard.

Asked July 8, 2016, 11:40 AM EDT

This vine suddenly cropped up all over a good portion of a flower bed and my grass this summer while I wasn't looking! I am still pulling up little babies everyday that keep appearing. Luckily it doesn't have long roots. But I can't find out what it is and wonder how the heck it showed up out of the blue. What is it?

Montgomery County Alabama

3 Responses

It looks like it could be a sweet potato vine, have you dug down at the main source of the vine and looked for any tubers?

It just appeared everywhere. Mostly little tiny baby plants everywhere. I didn't know it was a vine at first. I have pulled them all up but they have roots. I didn't have to dig because they had very sort roots and came right up very easily.

ok, try to find the main source of the vine and see if anything is growing down in the soil.