moss in lawn

Asked July 8, 2016, 10:20 AM EDT

I have large areas of moss invading my lawn. It's largely in shady and wetter areas. I have tried granular and spray products to control it and they don't really work. I have raked it out in spots and reseeded, but I can't get it all and it just comes back. Any suggestions?

Dakota County Minnesota moss in lawn

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Thank you for the question. Many Minnesota homeowners object to mossy spots in their lawns. Generally, moss grows where conditions will not support grass. Cool, moist, shady places are ideal spots for moss to fill in thin turf. You can temporarily rid yourself of the moss, but it will grow back unless you change the conditions to allow for more sunlight and less moisture. The other option is to stop trying to grow grass there and plant moisture and shade loving plants such as ferns in with the moss. There are also several handsome ground covers suitable for Minnesota that will make beautiful, damp, cool places in your property. This publication discusses ground covers for use in Minnesota:

If it's possible to prune overgrown shade trees and shrubs to let more sunlight in to the space, you could do so and then physically remove or kill the moss and try planting a suitable grass species for the light available.

Thank you for contacting Extension.