Grape or Moonseed

Asked July 7, 2016, 9:36 PM EDT

I absolutely cannot tell if this is a wild grape or if it is moonseed...

Hardin County Illinois

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Moonseed or menispermum canadense does not have tendrils, grape vines have tendrils. Moonseed fruit has one single flattish crescent seed in each fruit. Grapes have 2-4 rounded or tear drop shaped seeds inside. The leaves you have pictured here look more like grape leaves to me but there is great leaf variability depending on the type of grape. Moonseed leaves may appear to have almost 3 equally distinct lobes. The stems of moonseed fruit are thicker, grape stems thinner.

Checking for tendrils and looking at the fruit seed are reliable measures. Moonseed is noxious to humans so do not eat any ripe fruit until you are sure what you have.