tomato leaf curling

Asked July 7, 2016, 1:48 PM EDT

My tomato leaves have been curling. I read on the internet about different things that could cause this, including inconsistent watering, herbicide drift and a virus spread by whiteflies. I don't think inconsistent watering is the case here as I have tomatoes in another bed that are growing normally. So I am guessing if this might be herbicide drift or the virus. I am including some photos if that would help identify what is wrong. What should I do in either case? Thanks for your help! Wanda Vinje

Washington County Oregon

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Good morning! The picture on the left shows leaf curl which is common if it is a determinate plant. Sometimes, hybrid "determinate" "late blight resistant" tomatoes produce a curled leaf, a version of a resistant reaction to the late blight fungus.

The picture on the right looks more like chlorosis and is in need of magnesium or calcium. You can prune off the worst looking leaves and give the plant some good fertilizer to add the needed nutrients. Tomatoes are heavy feeders, meaning they need plenty of added nutrients.

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