Asked July 7, 2016, 10:37 AM EDT

What is the most disease resistant species of orageno to grow in Charles County? I have a disease that infects most of the trees and bushes in the woods that surrounds my property. It is not lethal enough to kill these trees and bushes but it does kill garden plants. I think that it is orange rust but I am not at all sure. It kills young grapes, blueberries, and blackberries. It infects ( but not enough to kill) cucumbers and lima beans. It does not bother green peppers, radishes, or peppermint. The disease starts with spots on the leafs and gradually causes the folage to turn brown, crumple up, and die. I have tried spraying with a fungacide but it does not protect the berry or grape plants. I want to grow orageno but need to know which species I should plant

Charles County Maryland

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Oregano is a very 'tough' plant that has few pests or diseases. In fact, oregano, regardless of the variety you choose, has a tendency to 'take over' the garden. Our recommendation would be for you to plant oregano in well-draining containers or hanging baskets. That would allow you to place the herb in a location convenient to the kitchen and also maintain control of the plant's growth behavior.
Just about every part of the world has its own type of oregano. The one most often used in our culinary experience is Italian oregano. But, you can find Greek, Mexican, Turkestan, etc. varieties at various sites on the internet. You may wish to try two or three different varieties.
The problems you are encountering with your other plants are probably of several different types. Powdery mildew will infect a broad range of plants, but grapes, blueberries, and blackberries usually suffer from diseases that are specific to each different species.
Fungicides are not capable of curing diseased plants once the symptoms are rampant. They can only prevent or slow the spread of the disease by spraying the plants before symptoms appear or shortly after the first symptoms appear.
If you can send us photos of some of your more damaging problems, we would be happy to help you identify them and perhaps recommend an appropriate control strategy.