Tiny Hard raspberries

Asked July 6, 2016, 5:46 PM EDT

My raspberry patch is fairly old, in good soil and is pretty much weed free. I also cane them every year. This year they bloomed like crazy and I was so excited when I saw all the raspberries forming. Now, they are tiny and hard. There are a few that formed and can be eaten but the whole patch, 4 rows of about 8 feet with 6 feet between, are small and hard. It's the whole patch. Is there a reason for this? We've had plenty of rain and they are in full sun.

Pierce County North Dakota

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There are a couple of possibilities that could be causing the mis-shapen fruit you are seeing this season. Can you describe the appearance of the berries, leaves, and canes - or better yet submit a photo or two?

Are the "tiny hard" berries shriveled and dried up or just failed to completely develop? What do the undersides of the leaves look like? Are there any canes with a shepard's crook (hooked appearing cane tip with browning leaves) at their tips?

In the mean time check out the following resources



https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/pubs/plantsci/hortcrop/h38.pdf (see the Insects and Diseases section on the final page of this publication for the most common disease and insect pest of ND)